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It’s My Favorite Time of Year

I am certain the lack of daylight has something to do with it.

Writing dark poetry is easier when skies are gray or the sun has set, so it is no surprise that most of my darker poems were written in the winter months. Weirdly, I also get really upbeat at this time of year because I love brisk air, snow, and the time spent with family over the holidays. Conflicted? You bet! Have I mentioned how much I hate shopping? I hope you too can find some joy in this time of year.

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Shopping is better on amazon. (Winks.)


May all your Halloweens be dark.


A never before seen type of darkness can be found in The Dark Poet Princess’s new book Darkest Sunlight. It is available on amazon in ebook and paperback. The perfect bedtime read as the clock approaches midnight.


“The heart was made to be broken.” – Oscar Wilde

To allow your heart to soar, you must risk the depths. Darkest Sunlight is the third poetic narrative from Xtina Marie. In this journey, readers will begin in the darkest of places yet revealed to us by this critically acclaimed poet, only to then find themselves thrust into the brightness of love before their eyes and minds can fully adjust. It is this shocking contrast which best conveys what it is to love, lose, and love again.

In Dark Musings, Xtina explored sadness. In Light Musings, she explored the intricacies of a loving heart. In Darkest Sunlight, Xtina Marie compares the opposite ends of the spectrum, and in doing so, she found a place darker than black.

“This book is devilishly decadent. The whole thing paints a picture in the mind not unlike Poe.” Alizure – amazon reviewer.