My Published Works

I am just grateful.

For those of you who do not know the truth of book publishing . . . according to an article in Forbes, 99% of all books published will never recoup the costs associated with producing the work. So why in the world would anyone want to be an author or publisher?

For me, it is about the people I meet.

Caring readers, supportive authors, and well-meaning publishers. Oh, I could relay the usual author horror stories of iffy contracts and unpaid royalties to name just a couple, but instead I believe it is best to just be thankful my work made it into print. Each time it happens you reach a few more people. We can also imagine that somewhere out there, one-hundred years from now, someone might discover one of our books laying in an old dust covered trunk found in an attic, marked Granny’s stuff. Authors are immortal so long as there are readers and people who value books.

So to all my publishers, even the ones who disappeared, I thank you.

My books:

Immortalize Me

“Immortalize Me is raw, beautiful, and poignant. This subtle yet hypnotic dance between darkness and light is a poetry lover’s delight!” – USA Today Bestselling Author, K Webster
With a style echoing the late Audre Lorde, Xtina Marie’s newest poetry collection Immortalize Me – with its striking imagery and layered free-verse simplicity – reveals a provocative, candid look at Xtina’s story told in fragments – intimate snapshots of moments of submission and raw passion, nostalgia and drifting daydreams, anguish and quiet contemplation. All in all, a bold, haunting, bittersweet collection.

“As lyrical as song and as faceted as a diamond, Xtina Marie’s latest collection is a riot of imagery and emotion that pushes buttons and boundaries alike. IMMORTALIZE ME does just what it says – her words will linger in your blood long after the last page has been read.” – Alistair Cross, author of The Book of Strange Persuasions and the Vampires of Crimson Cove series.

“Xtina Marie’s words punch you in the gut, hit you in the feels, and put you in her past in a way that forces you to confront your own. She wields a pen the way witches wave wands… purely magic.” – Carver Pike (horror and dark fantasy author)

Without the Confines of My Rhymes

Poetry is a beautiful thing, illustrating thoughts and emotions with concise, well-chosen words. A lot of poetry rhymes, adding additional flavor to the words, giving them a sense of rhythm, of flow But what happens when you take away the rhyming, when you cast off the forms of convention and good sense?Then the interesting things begin to come out. When the next line doesn’t need to rhyme, anything can come next. As it is within the poems themselves, so it is with this book in its entirety.Casting off the rhyming styles she used before, Xtina Marie embarks on a journey of emotional ups and downs, reflecting on love, loss, children and art. So settle in, put on your wine-colored glasses, and take a trip without the confines of rhymes.


Darkest Sunlight is available NOW!

“My former WIP, “X”, has become Darkest Sunlight. It will start out with the darkest most disturbing poetry I have written yet, and then finish readers off with tender love.”

Darkest Sunlight: A Poetic Narrative by [Marie, Xtina]

“The heart was made to be broken.” – Oscar Wilde

To allow your heart to soar, you must risk the depths. Darkest Sunlight is the third poetic narrative from Xtina Marie. In this journey, readers will begin in the darkest of places yet revealed to us by this critically acclaimed poet, only to then find themselves thrust into the brightness of love before their eyes and minds can fully adjust. It is this shocking contrast which best conveys what it is to love, lose, and love again.

In Dark Musings, Xtina explored sadness. In Light Musings, she explored the intricacies of a loving heart. In Darkest Sunlight, Xtina Marie compares the opposite ends of the spectrum, and in doing so, she found a place darker than black.

Light Musings: The Revised & Expanded Edition


What a web she weaves. Light Musings is a poetic narrative—a story told through related poems. Xtina Marie is a master of this style. Known by her fans as the Dark Poet Princess, this term of endearment came about as a result of the horror genre embracing her first book: Dark Musings which continues to garner stellar reviews. Light Musings will not disappoint her loyal fans as darkness is present within these pages as well. However, this latest book will show a much larger audience that Xtina’s poetry pulls out every feeling the reader has ever experienced—forcing them to feel with her protagonist. Light Musings shows us that love is made from darkness and light; something Xtina Marie explores like no one else.


Your first baby is always special.

Dark Musings by [Marie, Xtina]

The dark side of Xtina Marie’s poetry delves into intense emotions: heartache, loss, hurt, pain, rage, and a dangerous consuming love which can drive one insane. Dark Musings is not a collection! The author returned to the centuries old practice of Narrative Poetry—the telling of a story through poetry. If you believe you are brave enough to explore the savage emotions of the human heart; Dark Musings will test your mettle.



You can find my poetry or short stories in each of these books:

Darkest Sunlight

Darkest Sunlight: A Poetic Narrative by [Marie, Xtina]

Further Within Darkness & Light: A Collection of Poetry by Paul B Morris


Graveyard Girls by Gerri R. Gray


Poetry Friends In Rhythm & Rhyme by Leah Negron


Light Musings: The Revised & Expanded Edition


Apocalypse of the Heart by Leah Negron and friends


Leaves of the Poet Tree by Andrew Aitken

Leaves of the Poet Tree by [Aitken, Andrew]

Subliminal Messages: A Collection of Poetry, Prose, and Quotes

Subliminal Messages: A Collection of Poetry, Prose, and Quotes by [Hill, Kasey, Raven, Elias, Radcliff, Ethan , Brown, FK, Alfa, Negron, Leah , Woolard, TS, Wolff, Lynn, Wild, Alex, Evans, Steven]

Pieces of Us: A Collection of Flash Fiction, Short Stories, and Poetry

Pieces of Us: A Collection of Flash Fiction, Short Stories, and Poetry by [Shades, Ashlee , Kelly, Athena , Lancaster, Bennet , Hume , Carrie-ann, Lawrence, Claire E, Ten, Dab , Price, Debra , See, Dee , B.C, J. Molly, Barrett, Joe P, Williams, Karen , Donner, Kaye , Jackson, Melysza , Ardent, Rose , O'Brien, R.B, Nox, Sebastian , Kay, Seelie , White, Sherry , Bella, Soliel De, McLanahan, Tamara , Dean, Tori , Haubrich, Wess A, Marie, Xtina , Wallace, M.R., Calderwood, Bryce]

Damsels of Distress

Damsels of Distress by [Luchesi, Lily, Davis, SJ, Young, Simone, Travis, TL , Perrine, SL, Scott, TM, Bauer, Sara Dobie, Mattern, P., Giacomi, A., Davis, Deliaria]

Beautiful Tragedies

Beautiful Tragedies by [Marie, Xtina]

Depraved Desires: Volume 1

Depraved Desires: Volume 1 by [Marie, Xtina]

Slashing Through the Snow: A Christmas Horror Anthology

Slashing through the Snow: A Christmas Horror Anthology by [Wallace, M.R., Pere, Jason, Kennedy, Trevor, Hughes, David Owain, Palmer, Jessica, Cline, Cory, McCormick, Bill, Noe, Michael, Zimerman, Justin, Lee, Erin]

Dark Musings (3rd pressing)

Dark Musings by [Marie, Xtina]

Collected Christmas Horror Shorts by Kevin J. Kennedy

Collected Christmas Horror Shorts by [Curran, Tim, Arnzen, Michael A., Gualtieri, Rick, Morton, Lisa, Little, John R., Rose, Willow, Finn, Israel, Cross, Amy, Bergling, Christina, Lennon, Andrew, Kennedy, Kevin J , Garnett, Rose]

Black Candy: A Halloween Anthology of Horror

A Lovely Darkness: Poetry with Heart

The Intermission, Gore Carnival Book 2

Monsters of Metal: An Anthology

Busted Lip: An Anthology

Suite 269 by Christine Zolendz