The Panic Room


If you don’t already know, James Longmore and I host a podcast dedicated to books and the wonderful authors who write them called The New Panic Room Radio Show.

We love to entertain and strive to bring you fun, engaging, and occasionally outrageous, R rated uncensored author interviews every Thursday night from 10:30 PM (EST) to midnight on Blog Talk Radio.

While both James and I share a love of all things related to the horror and dark erotica genres, the show has evolved beyond its early roots to include almost any genre from some of the best authors out there. We don’t discriminate. Our guests represent both traditionally published authors and indie authors equally.

The show regularly includes:

  • For lack of a better word, ‘eclectic’ theme music chosen by James.
  • Eleven rapid-fire provocative questions posed to our guests like: What is your favorite deli meat? As it turns out, there are only ten questions due to a numbering error, but we stayed with it.
  • Our guests are asked to share an embarrassing story with our audience.
  • Xtina’s Baseball Corner is a segment where I talk about my love for the best dressed team in the major leagues while James takes a nap.
  • Book reviews from book blogger Becky Narron.
  • Children’s book reviews from India Longmore—the most adorable thing you are likely to hear all week.
  • A short reading, usually by the guest author, from their latest book.
  • James thanking our listener.

If you are an author who would like to be on the show, just shoot me an e-mail to get the conversation started.